Treatment Plans

Patients and their support system are the center of the rehabilitation process. We conduct care conferences and encourage them to work with our team of professionals, as they set realistic goals. We use advanced therapeutic techniques and create individualized rehabilitation programs within an interdisciplinary team approach.

Program Coordinator

Manages patients' rehabilitation program, including their quality of care and developing individualized care plans.


Directs staff on all patient care and communicates with the patients primary care physician to ensure continuity of the rehabilitation plan.

Social Workers

Assesses patients on admission, provides discharge planning and ensures that each patients' needs are met from the admission through rehabilitation, to discharge date and beyond.


Assist with the patients medical conditions and provides education to patients along with their family. Nurses monitor the patients health, identify any changes in their condition then communicates any findings with the physician, interdisciplinary team members as well as the patients and their family.


Available to meet all mental health needs.

Physical Therapy

Focuses on strengthening, ambulation, endurance, and coordination to improve functional activities.

Occupational Therapy

Helps increase the patients' independence in activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, and homemaking skills to promote independence with well being.

Speech Therapy

Language pathologists are available to assess and treat the patients with swallowing, communication, and cognitive deficits.

Recreational Therapy

Designed to meet all functional levels by providing therapeutic activities based on the patients' interests. These activities may include but are not limited to creative arts, current events, music and social events to promote social interaction with mental stimulation.


Provides nutritional support services including specialized diets, tube feeding, and selective menus.